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Zhejiang Nature Herb Biotechnology Co., Ltd

       Established in 1995, ,Zhejiang Nature Herb Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a pharmaceutical company that encompasses research, development, production and sales of API and formulation.has its own biopharmaceutical factories and sales companies.

       The company is committed to supporting body building,body beauty,muscle building,health care and so on.

       At present,manufactured brands including Kigtropin,Jintropin,Hygetropin,Taitropin,Getropin,Blue Top HGH,GH,IGF,Igtropin,HCG,Melanotan and so on,supply the domestic market and the world market,our products are mainly export-oriented European and American markets.

      All brands are available in lyophilized powder form that must be mixed prior to usage and is delivered by use of a syringe.

      Our company sell genuine products,and most brands have digital anti-counterfeit identification to defend the company's product quality.